Williams Syndrome Family Support Group

We are a community of families with Williams Syndrome members, based in Victoria, Australia .

If you want some scientific information on Williams Syndrome then see the links below "Sources of information on WS".

If however you want some personal contact with real people, and want to find out about the trials and joys of raising a child with WS, then perhaps read our stories below and better still  click here to email us

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Upcoming Event Calendar

    BBQ & Music Jam

    28 August 2016 3-7pm
    St Silas Anglican Church, North Balwyn (Cnr Maud St & Osburn Ave)

    Family camp

    4-6 November 2016
    Venue TBA

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Our Aims

  • To provide help and support for families with a child or adult with Williams Syndrome
  • To provide resources for parents, teachers, students, employers and the medical profession
  • To provide information on current research
  • To empower those with WS to reach their full potential
  • To increase awareness and understanding of WS among the medical and teaching professions and the general public

Literary works of the group

Sources of information on WS

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